Digital art Commissions

I paint portraits!

Do you have an RPG character who needs to be brought to life?
Do you need an avatar for your digital presence?
Do you want to have a portrait of a loved one?

Check out my rates and services.

Terms and conditions below.

How I work:

Depending on the nature of your commission I may sketch up to 3-4 rough thumbnails from which you can choose one. 
At this stage you can request up to 3 minor/medium changes to the artwork before I proceed with the line-art. Once I have finalized the line-art I will only make changes for additional fees, depending on which changes are requested.

If I have forgotten any details from your character description, please let me know so I can fix it.

I will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Draza Portrait

Greyscale portrait,

flat background


Commissioned - Orc from World of Warcraft

Fully rendered & coloured portrait, 

Flat background


Zahera Greyscale

Half body 

with extra details,

Flat background


Human Mage

Fully rendered & coloured half body

textured background


Terms & Conditions:

By commissioning me you, the client, agree to these terms and conditions set by me, the artist:

  • The commissioned artwork is for personal use only. The client is not allowed to claim said artwork for their own or use it for profit.
  • The commissioned artwork may be posted online as long as the artist is credited.
  • The artists signature cannot be edited out.
  • If you wish to commission NSFW artwork you need to be of legal age. By commissioning me to do such work, you declare you are 18 years of age or older.
  • I will not draw porn, neo-nazi, alt-right, all lives matter – subjects. And neither will I allow my art to be used in this capacity
  • I reserve the right to decline any customer or commission.
  • I reserve the right to post the artwork on my social media, portfolio and webpage.
  • The client will have to give me a written character description, and preferably include some reference images for the general idea of what you are looking for (Clothing, atmosphere, colour, pose etc.).
  • If you request a highly detailed and/or complicated commission I reserve the right to discuss with you an increase in the price of the commission.
  • Addition of pets, several characters, background the price will go up, and it will be discussed with you, the client, before the work starts.
  • Payment for the artwork goes through paypal. Preferably in NOK, but Euro also works. I will start on the commission when we have agreed upon the terms and I have received the payment.
  • If the client want to cancel their order and I have already begun work I will refund half of the payment. Should I cancel the order, or the client cancels before I’ve started I will refund in full.
  • The commission is a digital file, and I will send you a JPG file. I work with 300dpi.

Where you can find me & how to reach me:


Instagram: @lisemakesart

ko-fi: /lisemakesart

Twitter: @trolltale