Story Snippets and Fairytales

These story snippets are written by me, unless otherwise specified, they are the texts that inspired each of the different artworks created for the solo exhibition in Blekk of August 2023. 

Some of the stories are a mixture of my knowledge of fairytales and folklore, whereas others are just how I imagine their stories could be. 

The Collectors

The Collectors When the wind surges into a storm it is best to seek shelter. For with a storm comes the collectors. Half-woman half-bird creatures

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Dream “Did I ever tell you about the time I wandered into the realm of the fae? No? Perhaps I shouldn’t… Their world, their customs

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Midsummer Night

Midsummer Night I hear you collect stories, stories of the otherworld. I have one, it is not long and elaborate, but it is real. I

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Cosy Blanket

Cosy Blanket The fire is crackling quietly inside while the storm is roaring outside. The warm and joyful summer days are long gone. Now the

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Come Swim With Me

Come Swim With Me “Imagine this:  You are wandering through the forest on a sunny day, walking has a way of calming your chaotic mind

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I Spy…

The Lads Who Met The Trolls In The Hedale Wood  Norway Once upon a time in the olden days there lived a poor old couple, tenants

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In The Forest

East of the Sun and West of the Moon Norway Once upon a time, there was a poor peasant who had so many children that

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