Come Swim With Me

“Imagine this: 

You are wandering through the forest on a sunny day, walking has a way of calming your chaotic mind and helps you sort through your thoughts. As you walk deeper into the forest lost in your own mind you notice a faint, alluring melody. There is something earthy yet light about it, it has an edge of danger to it, the kind that thrills. It is unlike anything you have ever heard before. 

It is beckoning you, pulls you closer and fills you both with tranquillity and excitement as you are following the tunes through the forest. All worries, fears and questions you had as you went for your walk have all vanished from your mind, all that matters is that you find the source of the song. It is an adventure, a treasure waiting to be discovered. 

You are close, you can feel it. The music has a pull on you that you couldn’t possibly put into words, you are bound to its magnificence and strangeness. You ignore all the warning signs as you push through the thorny bushes and walk up towards the edge of the lake. 

And there you see him. This man, sitting on a rock in the middle of the water, is covered in vines, leaves and flowers. He has an aura of command and otherworldliness. For a moment fear fills you up as the music stops and he turns around towards you, but then he smiles and you are once again enthralled. You walk out into the lake to join him. 

You are never seen or heard from again.”