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Doodling, drawing, painting, and creating things have been with me since early childhood. Growing up in the countryside there were so many things in the garden and my mother’s sewing room that I could explore and try to make something new. The large bookshelf in our home was also a source of imagination for me. Being surrounded by books at such a young age contributed to my love for stories. Today I get so much inspiration from old myths, legends, and fairytales. I can’t help being drawn toward the mysterious, unique, and slightly scary.

Throughout my artistic journey, I have explored many different mediums. To mention a few it has been drawing both traditionally and digitally, woodworking, charcoal, acrylic, and watercolour paintings, sculpting in clay, and Chinese calligraphy. I have finally landed on relief printmaking. To me, it combines drawing, painting, and the hands-on mindful experience I had during sculpting when I carve out the linoleum plate.

Each of my relief prints has a story connected to them. Some of the stories are larger and more complex. Others are simple moments from a larger picture. I quite enjoy making smaller series or projects that belong to one story or have different viewpoints from the same tale.

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To contact me please e-mail me at post@lisehopland.com or send me a message through any of my Social Media platforms.

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