Cosy Blanket

Cosy Blanket The fire is crackling quietly inside while the storm is roaring outside. The warm and joyful summer days are long gone. Now the Autumn King and Winter Queen have arrived. The days growing shorter and colder, so all the more reason to stay inside light the fire, make yourself a snack, a cup […]

Come Swim With Me

Come Swim With Me “Imagine this:  You are wandering through the forest on a sunny day, walking has a way of calming your chaotic mind and helps you sort through your thoughts. As you walk deeper into the forest lost in your own mind you notice a faint, alluring melody. There is something earthy yet […]

I Spy…

The Lads Who Met The Trolls In The Hedale Wood  Norway Once upon a time in the olden days there lived a poor old couple, tenants on a small farm up in Vaage in the Gudbrandsdale. They had many children, and two of the sons, who might be about half grown up, had always to tramp […]

In The Forest

East of the Sun and West of the Moon Norway Once upon a time, there was a poor peasant who had so many children that he did not have enough of either food or clothing to give them. Pretty children they all were, but the prettiest was the youngest daughter, who was so lovely there […]