The Collectors

When the wind surges into a storm it is best to seek shelter. For with a storm comes the collectors. Half-woman half-bird creatures who hunt for prey in the storm. Their head and torso are that of a woman, they have wings instead of arms, talons instead of legs and feathers instead of skin. They love the challenge of finding prey struggling and fighting to find a safe place to wait it out. They hunt for pleasure and entertainment rather than necessity as they have no natural enemies. 

The legend says their features were once beautiful and gorgeous, they were revered and called upon when the wind was needed for they are the summoners of winds and storms. They could summon the gentlest breeze or the most violent storm. The story goes that there was once a hunter who had been roaming the world searching for new animals and monsters to catch, he had never heard of the wind summoners before and was intrigued. He spent a long time planning and plotting, and even longer to be able to capture one of them. He was not a kind soul, and he did not treat the harpy well. Her flock called upon the strongest storm that the world had seen. Even the mountains rumbled and crumbled. It was only after the storm had settled they found out the man had fled, and he had left her to die at the hands of her own kin. Their sorrow turned to hatred as they sought to hunt the hunter. In their fury, they ripped him apart and ate his flesh. 

Through the monstrous deed of another, they themselves turned and became monsters. Their features changed into what we know of them today, menacing and twisted. 

How long ago that was, I cannot tell. It was before my time and before my father´s and my grandfather’s time. They are ancient monsters. They live in the mountains, their nests are so high up it is almost impossible to get to them. We can´t kill them during the storms, our weapons cannot reach them or they are flung away by the strong winds. All we can do is hide and hope they cannot find us. Protect the young and old.