"Cosy Blanket"

This illustration started as a way to honour my mother. She creates these beautiful and wonderful quilted blankets. She has no fear of colour when she is infront of her sewing machine. 

Everytime I look at this piece now, I think of her. I also think about all the times I’ve been cuddled up in a blanket, a hot drink nearby and a book in my hands. Exploring other worlds and joining in on the adventures written down all while safe and comfortable in my blanket. Even better is it if the weather outside is dreadful, which living on the west-coast of Norway it often is. 

I hope that when you look at this, it also reminds you of daydrems, good times, comfort and safety.

Technique and Medium

This is a digital art print created in Procreate and Photoshop. 

Each print is of limited edition, and printed on high quality paper with a professional grade printer.


This digital art print come in three sizes.
A2: 420 * 594 mm
A4: 210 * 297 mm
A5: 148 * 210 mm


Each digital art print is limited edition.
A2: 1800 nok
A4: 650 nok
A5: 250 nok

where to purchase

Currently this print is available at Blekk,
an art & illustration shop located in
Bergen City Centre,Norway.

You can also find the sizes A4 and A5 in my online shop.