“Did I ever tell you about the time I wandered into the realm of the fae? No? Perhaps I shouldn’t… Their world, their customs and their creatures are unlike anything we have. And words do not seem to quite fit. I wonder sometimes if that is part of their magic. Their allure and mystery, why you cannot help yourself but seek them out. They are beautiful but sinister. They promise you the world of joy, but you will be a prisoner. They will give you all worldly treasure if only you do something for them first. The Fae will change you, they will corrupt you, and they will forever own your mind and soul… Even if you escape their realm. 

But… despite knowing this, I keep longing. I long to go back. To feel that crisp, clean air, smell their flowers, climb their trees. Dance with the Fauns all night long to the music of the Satyr til my feet are sore and bloodied. Fall in love with the elves and the forest spirits. Eat their savoury, sweet and juicy food. Forget all worries and troubles, they do not exist in that realm. 

They own me now. All I want is to return, I was foolish to leave them. I yearn, no I need to go back. Our own food disgusts me now, I cannot eat it. Our music is like nails on a chalkboard, it hurts my ears. Our people have a stench I’ve never noticed before, it makes me nauseous. Every evening and every morning I go searching for their doorway. I need to return to them, that is where I belong now.”

Digital artwork illustrating a satyr in bright colourful clothing playing a fiddle at sunset