Stone Throwers

Technique & Medium

These trolls are handcarved linocut prints and have been handprinted. 

The multi-coloured version has been printed using 7 different blocks to get the colours in place. 


The paper is approximatedly:  40 x 28 cm.

The printed area is: 20 x 30 cm


Single coloured print (black): 600 nok

Multi-coloured print: 1500 nok

Where to purchase

They are currently only available in my online shop. 

Click here for multi-coloured.
Click here for single coloured.

The massive rocks that you can come across while wandering through forests here in Norway,  that seems to have appeared out of nowhere is what inspired this linocut print. The trolls are quite well known for throwing boulders and rocks when are in a foul mood or having an argument. So I had this image in my head of a troll family practicing throwing boulders, for them this would be a make it or break it kind of challenge. 

The multi coloured linocut prints were made by carving 7 individual plates and pressing the print 8 times in order to have all the colours that you see here.